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I'm Lee!

I've always found working with wood really theraputic and my friends and family were also asking me to make or fix something for them! My daughters even asked me to build them a mini doll house and stable for their toy horses.

After much feedback I decided to start doing it for others and here we are today!

Personal Feats

I take pride and enjoy with everything I create. Here's a few of the things that I am most proud to call my creations!
All Crafted Creations

My Satisfied Clients

  • I was completely changing my garden and not only did Lee make me the most fantastic planter for my garden he also helped me choose the perfect design to compliment my garden.


  • The products that are build are not the cheap rubbish you get at Argos, they are build to last! I love my planter wheelbarrow. It's a complete stand out feature!


  • Lee build me this little wooden ladder to hold products in my artisan bakery. It's really blends in well with my look at feel.


All Crafted Creations

I have been producing quality products for over 20 years. 
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